Newsletter May 2012
IHC Fundex Equipment B.V. has participated Intermat exhibition which was held in Paris 16th – 21st of April 2012. IHC Fundex Equipment and IHC Hydrohammer joined their forces on one booth together …

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IHC Fundex Equipment BV acquires Vermeer MT’s service and product range.
IHC Fundex Equipment, part of IHC Merwede, has acquired Vermeer MT’s full range of products and services. Through this acquisition on 4 March 2011, the company has considerably enhanced …


Presentation F5000
IHC FUNDEX Equipment B.V. will start with the production of the F5000 in the beginning of 2012. This is a drill and piling rig with a maximum leader length of 56 meters and it is self erecting. The leader can have the maximum Torque of 500kNm …


About IHC Fundex Equipment

IHC Fundex designs, manufacturers and supplies a wide range of different piling and drilling machines. All products are designed according more than 40 years of experience in the field of different foundation methods.

IHC Fundex cooperates closely with specialized contractors and gathers as much practical information as possible from the local and international market. IHC Fundex has its own R&D department which has access to the most modern soft- and hardware. The majority of the machines and equipment offered by IHC Fundex are made in the production facilities in Goes.

The service team of IHC Fundex is represented by highly skilled and experienced technicians. They can service and repair many different brands of machines. IHC Fundex Equipment B.V. is an independent working business unit from the IHC Merwede group.